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Ceewan, also known as Leong, specializes in making ultralight kites.
He is the designer and maker of the bridleless Pointer kites as well as the Plutz glider (now available as the Prism ZeroG) and the BiPlutz.  
Ceewan loves a good challenge in redesigning traditional kites with modern materials.
Ceewan started seriously flying and making sport kites, and he has now come back full circle to the root of kite flying: single line kites.

Plutz gliders!

Over the years we have worked with ceewan to on his Plutz Marconi/platz based gliding kites.  
We are very proud now to bring out his newest version of his much loved Plutz Glider: The Mega Plutz!
A few of you may have seen (or one or two of you have) one of the earlier Mega Plutzs.  
They were great gliders with a good climbing ability,  that are not small kites.  
The Megas are framed with full skyshark p90s so that means that they are 65" wide and long!!!!
They fly in the lightest breath of wind, indoors or outdoors.

click me for detail pictures

The Mega Plutz gliders are 240$ shipped in the US.  
There were a limited number of these made, and the colors received are the only ones right now available.

There are 7 color choices to choose from, but we only have an Aqua and Charcoal on hand.
good selection of colors!

Plutz3 POP!
We are also able to get the the limited edition POP art Plutz3 gliding kites as well.  
This is the design that theMega is based off of and scaled up to.
Great gliders...a whole lot of fun!!!
three choices!
We have a very limited amount of these in the box. just blue and purple

Plutz3 POP Art are 85$ delivered in the US
Pop Art Plutz 3s are all gone at this time!

Double the skins and you get great flights....
The newest in the design stable ceewan has is the BiPlutz!
This kite is a very funky looking super flying beast!  
The two skins are the same size as the main skins of the Plutz 3, and you can tweak their angles to change from a gliding machine to a climbing kite.
The BiPlutz
VERY limited amounts are available.
There is an Icarex version and a Nylon version, the frame and design is the same, just the skin material is upgraded.

Grab your BiPlutz while you can!
Assembly notes for the BiPlutz are here.


lightening midi pointers
Also, Ceewan has brought us another single line kite: the Midi Pointer!
At 13' tall and just under 5' wide the Midi Pointer is sized between the Pointer from Premier Kites,
and the Geo Pointer from Skyburner Kites.  

The Midi Pointer comes as a skin with a recommended parts sheet to frame it up.
 A packet that includes the skin, tension lines, and the bottom horizontal rod (sewn into the skin).  
You will need to provide the framing for this kite!  
The preferred framing is skyshark rods, you can see a sheet detailing the parts needed here.


5 color choices

Ceewan's words about the Midi Pointer:

This is an unprecedented piece of kite engineering, the Pointer is THE FIRST Bridle Free kite to fly on the top-most tip at a SINGLE POINT without stabilizer tails!
The MIDI Pointer will fly in extremely light to high winds and has virtually no pull with recommended line strength at only 50lb despite its large size.
It is also a great traveling companion as it packs down to less than 36" long.

The MIDI Pointer will fly in just about any wind you put it into.
On the low side you fly it with battens to hold out the sail and catch more wind.
When the wind picks up, remove the battens to reduce the kite's profile to the wind,
move the flying line to the top single-point attachment and it will ride out the strongest winds!

BTW being bridle free this kite is a natural when it comes to stacking multiple kites!

Total Height- 162.5" (13.5feet)
Span - 56"
Frame - Skysharks & Microcarbons
Range - 2mph - 20mph
Line: 50lb

A sheet of info on the Midi Pointer can be found here.

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