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Dallmer's Wind Magic Duckies

Mike hard at work on "What the Duck"

There are flocks of yellow ducky banners popping up around at festivals as of late.  
Most yellow, some red with horns, some black with X's through their eyes, some blue with spots.  
Where are they coming from?
Pennsylvania of course.

Flock Shot

You might have seen a picture of a VERY large rubber ducky (well ripstop ducky) at an event.  
His name is "What the Duck", he was engineered by Mike and Mike Jr. Dallmer.  
The ducky banners are the offspring (?) of "What".  
Maybe it would be more proper to call the banners the scraps of "What".  

2 Sizes of ducky banners

Large Duckys are $18.50 shipped to the U.S.
Species of Duck

Small Duckys are $15.00 shipped to the U.S.

There are different Species of Large Duckys!
There are some Duckys that have different eyes (see below).
  Large Ducky Eye Selection
There are also Duckys of a different feather.
This is a Punk Duck (no tattoos or piercings-he is Punkin' colored):
Punk Duck

Occasionally we will get in other species like: 
  • Devil Ducky
  • Angel Ducky
  • Polka Ducky
  • Dead Ducky
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