Welcome to the Yard Sale

This is the place for kites that are pre-loved, extraneous, found in a corner and forgotten about, cash sitting in a kite bag.

Sometimes there is old stock from a store or old collections with some real gems in them, and generally the prices are awesome too.

Lines, banners, line laundry, single line kites, sport kites, small kites, giant kites, kite bags, kite pins, kite books, kite movies; all is fair game here.

Things to know and remember:

These kites are sold as-is.   If there is a defect on them, it will be noted in the description.  
Returns on Yard Sale items.  
Please open a line of communication with us if there is a problem.   We will do what ever we can to keep you happy.
The buyer covers the shipping costs, you will be emailed with the options available.
Please ask as many questions as you can, we will answer them to the best of our abilites.

Payment for Yard Sale items is accepted in the form of cash, check, money order (international as well), bank check, and/or paypal.
There is a 4% handling fee on all of these items that will be added to your total.

The list changes often so keep checking back in.   Most of the time updates are posted in the blog as to when there is a big change on the list.

If you are someone who has some kites that are extras and not flown as much as they used to be and would like to see about selling them please contact us!  
We can help you out.   Large amounts, smaller amounts, we will work with you.