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Lafney Studios

An illustrator and graphic designer gets into kites and what comes out of the connection?  
Greeting cards and t shirts of course.  
This is exactly what happened to David Laferriere.
He produced boxes of kite themed holiday greeting cards (lots of our friends and family received them!)
His t-shirts were distinctive.   Even a 12 year old t-shirt stained and worn still garners a smile from someone seeing it.
Now, wear that t shirt out to a kite festival and everyone loves it, but alas these shirts have not been made since ~1999, and none have been seen since then.

Until now!

This is also a copyrighted image so you will not see it from anyone but us!

back of the shirt
(image on back, url on left chest)

M/L/XL Shirts are 22$ 19$ shipped in the Continental US
 (XXL & 3XL are 24$ 20$)

You might see our decals anywhere over the world!  
But, you need one for your car or favorite water bottle too!

Windswept Kites Decal
Decals are made out of a weatherproof vinyl (upgraded from ones from before!)
There are now two sizes 3" square and 4" square
(see a size comparison picture here)


International customers and large amount customers please drop us an email and we can get some for you too!

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