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Gill's kites
Gill Bloom of Skyblooms

I have been making kites and banners all my adult life  - I started off by making straightforward kites with no appliqué to supply to the two kite shops in London,
then graduated to simple graphics and then to appliqué and tie dyeing, which I have been doing for over 20 years.  
Nature is my main inspiration but I have been know to break the mould!

Apart from nature, I would say that the main inspiration are Japanese woodblock prints which are wonders of composition.  

Due to the way I create and design, each skin individually dyed - some several times  and then appliquéd each kite is one of a kind and cannot be replicated.  

My other passion is gardening and flowers, so there are usually flowers somewhere on the design!

Gill has made up some special kites for Windswept Kites as well as some of her fabulous windsocks.

These are 24" kites that each come woth a matching ripstop fuzzy tail to keep them stable, and a wooden dowel frame.
Gill hand dyes her fabric, then appliques many many layers of it to get the detail that she is dreaming of.  
Extra stitching helps to enhance the detail and visual texture of the flowers. 

Click here to see details of the Iris kite, that shows the great work that Gill does!  

Skyblooms Daisies
Indian Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush
These are all one-of-a-kind and a great deal at only $55 for a beautiful kite!
There is only one of each kite available, let us know which one you like!.
The latest round of squares are gone....Please send an email for requests!

So the detail that Gill adds to her kites she also adds to the windsocks she makes!
Fish and pig!

This is the best classicly whimsical-to-any-kiteflyer Flying Pig windsock.

Flying Pig!!!
We all know someone out there who nees a "When pigs can fly" reminder!  
Now is the chance to help that person remember that in the kite world aeronautical porcines are possible!
Extremly Hot Pink helps this guy stand out like none other!   His wings have supports in them to be ready for any breeze.
When suspended from the the flying line of a kite, or a banner pole, this guy looks like he is ready to go zooming around airborne.

$25 shipped to the U.S.
Gill's koi windsocks are second to none!  After 9 years working in a kite shop and seeing many versions not a single one comes close to how much detail and construction Gill has put into these!   These koi need not even hang on a kite line, or a banner pole, they could also hang right above your backyard koi pond!!!
There are different color versions (species/subspecies) available, if you have a certain request please feel free to ask!!!  
The colors on these koi, and their construction, will outlast any other koi windsock at twice our price as well!

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